SuperCloud Team

The MIT SuperCloud team includes of individuals from the Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center and MIT's Office of Research Computing and Data. Interested in joining the team? See our postdoc opportunities below and our list of potential student projects.

Postdoc Opportunities

Interested in joining the team?

Our Supercomputing Center has potential postdoc opportunities for computational researchers interested in pursuing research on applying High Performance Computing to a variety of domains. These roles are often in partnership with several MIT Departments, Labs, and Centers. We can support remote, virtual, hybrid, and on-site work arrangements. If you or your students would like to discuss this or other potential opportunities please feel free to contact us at:

Alumni (Students, Postdocs, Interns, ...)

Simon Alford, Dr. Jeff Bezanson, Dan Campbell, Dr. Cy Chan, Dr. Julian Chaidez, Alex Chen, Jonathan Edelman, Dr. Ashley Conard, Chelsea Conard, Karia Dibert, Emily Do, Prof. Stephanie Dodson, Alexander Dean, Daniel Edelman, Prof. Jeremy Fineman, Dr. Nathan Frey, Emma Fu, Dominic Garrity, Dr. Brendan Gavin, Dr. James Geraci, Katherine Gravel, Ankush Gupta, Jasper Haag, Dr. Braden Hancock, Connor Hanlon, Jennifer Heffernan, Jonathan Herrera, Prof. Hank Hoffmann, Chris Howard, Matthew Hutchinson, Shana Hutchison, Dr. Hayden Jananthan, Kurt Keville, Hana Kim, Dr. Andrew Kirby, Anna Klein, Kevin Kwak, Justin Li, Ashley Luo, Matt Marzilli, Dr. Andrew Mastin, Dr. Joseph McDonald, Kevin Min, Michael Mizell, Peter Mizes, Jaroor Modi, Oscar Moll, Andrew Moran, Matthew Mucklo, Huy Nguyen, Divya Pillai, Rany Polany, Dr. Arvind Prasadan, Ryan Robinett, Dr. Eric Robinson, Darbin Reyes, Dr. Siddharth Samsi, Kaira Samuel, Morgan Schaefer, Connor Sell, Dylan Sequeira, Skylar Sutherland, Jessica Titensky, Niki Tubacki, Dr. Crystal Valentine, Richard Wang, Rebecca Wild, Prof. Adam Weirman, Dr. Matthew Weiss, Zack West, Sherwin Wu, Catherine Yu, Dan Zhou, Ziqi Zhou